Introducing Profhilo, a revolutionary new treatment based on advanced hyaluronic acid technology and taking the aesthetics industry by storm, the simplicity of the treatment and outstanding results speak for themselves.

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Looking for firmer, hydrated, smoother and radiant skin after just two treatments?


Profhilo takes just ten minutes and gives the ultimate skin transformation. To begin using this outstanding product, it is a simple two treatments to be taken four weeks apart, with a recommended 6 monthly treatments to follow. It has been reported that with 6 monthly top ups, the results continue to improve as new collagen is developed.

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Profhilo is suitable for all skin types, but has particular benefits in those with dry or ageing skin. Perhaps for people who are looking to enhance the results or their dermal filler treatment and searching for skin-quality improvement, without all the fuss.

To achieve temporarily tighter, firmer, more hydrated skin, use Profhilo on the face, neck, décolletage, hands or anywhere on the body.


In just ten minutes, Profhilo leaves the skin looking remodelled. It is injected into the superficial layer of skin and quickly diffuses throughout over a 24 hour period after injection. Having the unique ability to travel throughout the skin, meaning minimal injections and seamless procedure, and containing the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid in any injectable product - you can see why Profhilo was awarded 'Product Innovation of the Year' at the Aesthetic Awards 2016 and 'Best Injectable Product in Europe' in 2018.

Over a 4-6 week period it continues to stimulate four different types of collagen and elastin, giving you all round better results and leaving you simply glowing. Due to its slow release, you can expect no swelling and return back to your daily routine immediately after - bonus!

Highlights of Prohilo:

  • Profhilo is one of the highest concentrations of HA on the market, 64 mg HA in a 2 ml pre-filled syringe. Quite frankly, it is remarkable that this product can still be extruded with a 29g needle.

  • Integration into your skin is easy and natural, due to Profhilo being highly biocompatible. 

  • Instant results after first treatment

  • Great value for money

  • Quick and simple procedure

  • No adverse reactions reported to date

At Dr Adams Laboratories you could argue, we simply won’t be beaten on price.