The Shepherd system is an integrated hardware, software and communications package that provides automatic monitoring of Activated Sludge processes with hourly reporting of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5 proxy), aeration recommendation, process status, and indicative F:M
The output can be used for dynamic control to reduce aeration costs and carbon footprint.  Energy saving indications are typically in excess of 20%. Further benefits include the ability to monitor and report toxic events or equipment failures that might impact on plant performance, therefore reducing risk of consent non-compliance.
Shepherd’s sensor is an in-situ device which requires no sample pumping so ragging and fouling are virtually eliminated. Featuring barrier-protected sensors, the system requires very little maintenance, and no calibration once aligned with the plants’ operation.
Results and recommendations are displayed locally on the control panel for plant operators, and a cloud-based dashboard stores and displays all historic data for interrogation by authorised Process Scientists and Managers. This can be done remotely.
The secure web facility means that alerts can be transmitted to web-enabled devices such as smart phones, for rapid intervention and reduce risk of compliance non-conformity. Web access and emails from Shepherd also mean that remote plants can be easily monitored without costly visits.
Recent research and development indicates that Shepherd’s BOD measurements can be used to control chemical dosing for phosphate control, or nutrient additions.