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Company Overview

  • Dr. Adams is the sister company to a Hong Kong Public listed Pharmaceutical company. It was established to deliver analytical services and innovative instruments for pharmaceutical and biological laboratory sectors.

  • Our products diversify across four categories: Chemical analytical services, compliance audit services, Distribution of Bio-Analyitical instruments and Safety Protective Equipment.

  • We hold the exclusive distribution right for Cambridge developed award winning Bio-analyitical instruments, Speedybreedy, Seasure and Shepherds. Since the COVID pandemic, we have helped UK health sector and local authorities to source and manage the supply chain for COVID related protective products.

  • We are approved vendor for DHSC, Councils, Cromwell and many other reputable organisations.

Our Vision

We let science take the lead. We let it inspire us. Through ambition and dedication, we aspire to be a medical technology company that delivers high quality, affordable and innovative medical devices to patients, health professionals, and the community.

Our Mission

We understand the world around us is enormous, and quite frankly in comparison we’re a speck. But we believe with the right attitude each speck can make an impact. So here is our mission, in three simple steps…

First, we will continue to effectively import and distribute quality, affordable med-tech products to the UK market.

Take a step further, to acquire cutting edge medical technology and have a presence among the international market.

While always continuing to research and develop proprietary technology within the medical industry.

That’s us. 

Our Values

As a med-tech company we take our values seriously. These are what we believe run through the core of our business and are the pillars we pride ourselves on. 

Respect - We respect our colleagues, our industry, our customers. We respect science. Without this fundamental value, we believe trust is lost - and trust in our people is vital.

Responsible - We take responsibility to do the best by our customers, to deliver seamless service, high-end products, and outstanding customer satisfaction. 

Resilient - We are resilient when things don’t go to plan (let’s face it - it happens) and we find a solution. Whatever the barrier, we pick ourselves up and strive for greatness. 

Resourceful - We demonstrate positivity within our team and with this brings resources. Resources to turn problems into solutions, negatives into positives - by using the great minds within our company, we believe anything is possible.